Association to support relatives and other care-givers of person with mental disorders

When a family member gets mentally ill, the lives of their relatives are changed in many ways.

Assosiation to support relatives and other care-givers of persons with mental disorders 

When a family member gets mentally ill, the lives of their relatives are changed in many ways. The aim of our association is to promote the relatives’ well-being, quality of life and capability of coping with everyday tasks when someone in their family experiences a difficult moment.

The Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA) supports good deeds. And we are here to accompany you and to offer you support and hope. You can also find us on Facebook.

General information

The family association promoting mental health in Salo (FinFami) was founded in 2002. The association offers its services in the whole area of Salo (also Koski TL, Marttila, Paimio, Sauvo and Somero) and belongs to the National Family Association Promoting Mental Health in Finland, FinFami.

The goal of the association is to support all the family members in all the different stages of a mental illness. The association supervises the interests of relatives by informing and influencing the public opinion. It distributes information to relatives concerning mental illnesses and how to prevent them. It also offers different kinds of treatment and rehabilitation options. We can give either individual support or peer support including group, recreational or volunteer-based activities. In cooperation with other local organizations within the mental health sector we develop various of activities in order to support the well-being of relatives.

Our forms of activity
  • Support and counselling by telephone. It’s also possible to call anonymously.
  • Individual discussion with relatives by appointment.
  • Peer support groups and volunteer-based activities.
  • Information on mental illnesses for relatives.
  • Themed events with various themes and other study occasions.
  • Rehabilitation and recreation activities.
  • Cooperation with other local organizations in the mental health sector.
What can help you to get through
  • Acquiring information.
  • Accepting your own feelings.
  • Positive thinking.
  • Hobbies.
  • Recognizing your own limits.
  • Taking care of your well-being.
  • Discussions with friends and peers.
  • Asking professionals for help.
Together we are more
  • Newsletter two times a year.
  • “Labyrintti” membership bulletin four times a year.
  • You can take initiatives.
  • You can attend our official meetings twice a year.

Contact details

Maria Virkki
Maria Virkki

Managing director

p. 041 318 0228
[email protected]

Jaana Knaapi-Lehtonen
Jaana Knaapi-Lehtonen

Vastaava omaistyön koordinaattori

p. 040 722 4961
[email protected]

Johanna Sydänoja
Johanna Sydänoja

Expert in advising relatives

p. 044 726 1991
[email protected]